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Full strength, full flavor craft cocktails.

Vodka Lemonade

Bright and tart, leveled up with fresh basil notes. It’s the endless summer sipper you’ll come back to time and time again.

Rum Mojito

Tart, citrus. A touch of sweet with a little bite. All topped with bubbles. It’s the friend you bring to a party that’s always a good time.

Gin Spritz

Botanical and earthy. A little bitter, a little sweet. A touch of fizz for good measure. A light drink that goes effortlessly from day to night.  

Bourbon Smash

Bourbon with smoke and caramel. A splash of iced tea and lemon. A twist of mint for balance. This one hits every note and looks damn good in a lowball.

Bar in a Box

We fit a whole bar into one box. Five different cocktails so you have something for everyone in your troop. Why choose if you don't have to?

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Slightly Buzzed Buzz

Know what
you’re drinking

Our drinks are made with real, honest ingredients and craft spirits — nothing extra. So before you ask, “yes, that’s really all that’s in it.”


Alcohol is a great way to make friends. And this friendship comes with some pretty sweet perks like members-only private events, exclusive discounts at partner restaurants, bars and wineries, and of course, early access to the best canned cocktails in the biz.

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A real drink for the real ones

At Troop, we drink differently. We believe in quality over quantity. Freshness over fussiness. Full flavored over watered down. Because we’re here for a new class of drinkers. And this one is for them.