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All the perks you want without the long-term commitment. Just regular deliveries, invites to cool stuff and opportunities to try something new with rad people in your area.

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Pick your plan, drink well and change it up anytime.


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No Fees

In the wise words of J.Lo, “love don’t cost a thing.” In fact, the more you spend, the more you save. So drink up, Troopers.

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No Waiting

Waiting lists and lines are not our thing. As soon as you buy a membership, the perks start rolling in. But we haven't invented cocktail teleportation yet, so expect your drinks to arrive 3-5 days after you sign up.

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No Commitment

This isn’t a ride or die membership — you can pause or cancel anytime. But TBH, the world is crazy and knowing you’ll have cocktails in the fridge every month is not a bad life hack.


  • Discounts on all of our cocktails.

  • Regular shipments of handcrafted cocktails delivered right to your door.

  • Be the first to know when we're back for in person events

  • Access to curated experiences and adventures planned by Troop.