Troop bottles floating in the air

A cocktail is born.

Dark bars. Excessive nights. Rough mornings. We loved to drink but we didn’t love the toxic drinking culture. So we created our own rules, mixed our own drinks, and had a blast with our friends along the way. We got creative with how we socialized and even more creative with how we drank. We craved honest ingredients, a fresh taste and a real drink you could savor (not chug). We set out to have fun. And now we’re setting out to define a new drinking culture for a new class of drinkers.

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The Real Ones

If you want to stay hydrated, drink water. If you want a damn good drink, hang with us. We’re here for the sippers and the savorers. For the small-talk rejectors and conversation relishers. For those who don’t measure fun in shots, but in belly laughs; and don’t define a good night by how much they drink but how much fun they had. For a new class of drinkers, who won’t settle for anything less than absolutely delicious.

Drink well or don’t drink at all. Drink Troop.

Group cheers with cans and cocktails
CC and Reed portrait

A married couple start a business. What could go wrong?

Hi, we're CC and Reed — amateur bartenders, expert canners, and San Francisco explorers. We started Troop in 2019 because we had the most fun when we were dreaming up new cocktail recipes and sharing them with our nearest and dearest. And let’s face it, starting a business justified our cocktail habit so here we are. Cheers!

Lemon and mint

The Troop Code

Drinking is not a sport.

It's an opportunity to share a moment.

Life is too short to settle.

Complacency is just a waste of our limited time.

No apologies necessary.

Do what feels right, always. Be unabashedly you. 

Good should be accessible.

We don't believe that hard or expensive is better.

With us. 

You love cocktails and people and nothing brings you more happiness than bringing the two together in sweet harmony. Excellent, you’re hired!

Want to join us?