Savor the sip

If you want to stay hydrated, drink water. If you want a damn good drink, hang with us. We’re here for the sippers and the savorers. For the small-talk rejectors and conversation relishers. For those who don’t measure fun in shots, but in belly laughs; and don’t define a good night by how much they drink but how much fun they had. For a new class of drinkers, who won’t settle for anything less than absolutely delicious. Drink well or don’t drink at all. Drink Troop.

real people, real drinks

We're CC and Reed - amateur bartenders, expert canners, and married couple.

We started Troop in 2019 to make socializing easier, more accessible, and more fun. We were pigeon-holed into drinking at bars, so we decided to forge a new path for a new class of drinkers.

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